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World Kindness Day: Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

Kids Clothing for Boys and Girls

Urna Biswas November 13, 2020

“Hey, mom! There’s a baby bird in our backyard that’s fallen out of its nest! Can we help it?”

“Dad, the delivery guy looks really thirsty – can I give him one of my sodas?”

“Mum, your cell phone was really slow – I deleted some stuff and freed up space for you. Thank me later!”

It feels so warm and fuzzy to read these, doesn’t it? At Kinderkind, we believe that kindness is an integral part of being human. And teaching that quality of kindness to our children is one of the best things we can do for them. Our modern kids apparel store clothing as well, expresses the kindness that we have, in our clothing line.

We know that our little ones learn the most from observing us, isn’t that right? So, it’s important to perform random acts of kindness with your kiddo to teach them how to be generous, compassionate, and giving.

This World Kindness Day, we bring you some interesting ideas for beautiful acts of kindness that your child can perform, and make the world smile just a little bit wider.



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So, you’ve made your little darling super happy by indulging them with the latest floral ruffle top or patchwork jacket for the holidays! But there are many people who are without basic necessities, and teaching our little ones to share is a wonderful lesson.

Encourage your kiddo to pick out old clothes, books and toys, which can be donated to an orphanage, library or charity.

Does your little one love the outdoors? Plant a vegetable garden, and assign regular duties to your kid, such as watering the plants, pulling weeds, and picking the vegetables. Then you can donate the vegetables to needy people.

Is your child a budding little chef? Whip up some easy and tasty sandwiches, casseroles and baked treats together, which you can donate to a local food drive.

This excellent article talks about how you can encourage your child to donate their stuff:




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Times are tough with the pandemic, and a small act of kindness from your kiddo can really make somebody’s day! A great activity is to have your child post their artwork or words of encouragement on your windows for people to see. They can make drawings and craft, or doodle on windows with washable window markers. Kids love doing crafts and artwork, so this one is right up their alley.

Your little one can also write peppy messages on your driveway or sidewalk with chalk, or make kindness rocks with encouraging words painted on them. Leave these around the neighborhood for people to find – we can guarantee it’ll put a smile on their faces!

Check out some exciting rock painting ideas here:


kinder clothes




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Kindness doesn’t only mean kindness towards strangers – we need to be kind to the people we live with too!

Apart from your child’s regular chores like clearing the table and cleaning their room, try to find other ways to help out family members. Is Dad having a rough day at work? Your kid can make him his favorite sandwich and a comforting cup of hot chocolate. If a sibling is snowed under with a ton of schoolwork, they can offer to take over their chores for the day. Make sure the favor is returned, though!

The Ripple Kindness Project has some wonderful printable Kindness Ideas posters that your child will adore! Print out a bunch of them at:




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In times like these, it’s important to teach our children the value of homemade gifts. A homemade card, a bird feeder, or a pen stand can brighten someone’s day.

Rather than writing out a long wish list for the holidays, help your child to create a list of homemade gifts they can give away instead. Write down the names of family members, friends, and neighbors on slips of paper, and put them in a kindness jar. Once a week, let your kid pull out a name and make a gift for that person. The person will be delighted, and it’s a great way to occupy the kids too!

Here are some unique ideas for homemade gifts:


kind clothes




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We are lucky to have some amazing people who help us every day, like delivery people, police officers, firefighters, or healthcare workers in our community – and we need to teach our little ones to appreciate them. Your child can create special notes and cards for them. They could also make small care packages with cookies, candy, or sodas, which you could distribute as required, to refresh these hardworking folks.

Remember, in these difficult times, a kind deed goes a long way – and who better to deliver it than your little angel!

Check out this cool song for kids that celebrates our pandemic heroes:


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Our world is a beautiful one – and the stars that twinkle and light it up are our children. They are the precious legacy that we leave behind. So, it is vital that they learn to be kind to people and to the world around us. At Kinderkind, we believe that these simple acts of kindness can help children cope with this trying time, and understand that helping others is really the path to true happiness.

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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