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World Book Day - Why is Reading So Important for Children?

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Urna Biswas April 23, 2021

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 
― Albert Einstein


Be it fairy tales, folklore or nursery rhymes, the value and importance of books and reading in a child’s life cannot be denied. Children’s minds are like sponges, operating nonstop to soak up everything in their environment. This is especially significant when it comes to reading books – their little brains are hard at work, absorbing in all the language they hear, as well as the wisdom and life lessons the story has to offer.

At Kinderkind, your go-to site for the best kids' apparel boutique, we firmly believe that there can be no better companion for a child than a book. There are innumerable and invaluable benefits of reading when it comes to the mental and intellectual development of our little ones. Read on to find out more!

Having a bit of a struggle getting your toddler to read? This video has some excellent tips: 



We absolutely love the Letter-Sound Game using toy animals - we know our little ones will love it too!


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It’s a proven fact that children who read books regularly, starting from a young age, go on to develop excellent vocabularies.

When it comes to early literacy and language skills,reading books is the best way to increase your kid’s repertoire of new words, and to expand the number and variety of words they use. When they read, children are exposed to a range of new vocabulary and phrases every single day.

Books also provide parents a great way to get talking and connecting with your little one. As you discuss a favorite story, your child has the opportunity to use new words and expressions picked up while reading, leading to application of language and vocabulary.

Vocabulary size can influence multiple areas of your kid’s life, from scores on standardized tests to college admissions and job opportunities.So get your little one reading right away, and make sure they use their words!

For more tips on enriching your child’s vocabulary, check out this great article:



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Princesses, wizards, flying cars, talking animals, and space adventures! When it comes to imagination and fantasy, a book is so much more than just a collection of pages – it’s a magic portal which takes your child on a magical ride to other dimensions and lets them discover new worlds and realities.

Reading a book relies on your little bookworm using their vivid imagination for picturing characters, visualising their situations and environments, and guessing what’s coming next. This developed imagination leads to greater creativity, which is vital as they grow up, helping to develop interests and ideas, as well as thinking outside the box.

So help your little sweetheart go on a magical ride and unleash the creativity within!

Take a look at some other interesting ways to encourage creativity in your child:



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Cognitive development refers to how we understand and think about the world in reference to various factors, such as our intelligence, language development, attention span, and information processing.

Reading is vital to improve cognitive skills in our young bookworms, and help in their cognitive development. Reading essentially provides our kiddos with background knowledge on their world. They then use this background knowledge to make sense of what they hear, see, and read, which enhances their cognitive development and perception.

Therefore, when you encourage your little one to read, you are helping them to know and understand more about the world and their place in it!

Want to understand more about how reading helps your child’s cognitive development? Here’s an informative article you should check out:



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We know it – it’s almost impossible to get your little madcap to sit still for long, isn’t it? But get them into the habit of reading and see how that changes!

Regular and consistent reading helps to develop better self-discipline, longer attention span, and improved memory retention. Very young children rarely sit still for long, and it’s often difficult to get them to focus. Reading to your little one can help them learn to sit still and listen for a longer duration of time, which will assist them in their schooling.

Persistence and patience are key – your toddler may initially squirm and become distracted during story time, but eventually they’ll learn to stay put for the duration of the book!

Watch this useful video for more tips on improving concentration in kids:



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It’s not possible for a person to live every possible experience or feel every single emotion there is, is it? But we and our kiddos can do just that through the magic of books!

Reading allows our little darlings to be exposed to a myriad variety of real-world situations in age-appropriate ways. Children especially enjoy books that feature kids their own ages doing things they do in everyday life. Reading about how these kids deal with different situations and tackle various problems can be a valuable learning opportunity.

Books also allow kids to develop empathy as they experience the lives of the characters and identify with how they are feeling. This helps them gain a greater understanding of emotions, which teaches them to empathize with other people in the real world.

This excellent article discusses why it’s important to nurture empathy in our children:



Reading is the single-most important activity for building essential skills that your little bookworm will carry with them throughout life. Reading benefits both physical and mental health, and is the key to lifelong learning.

At Kinderkind, your favorite trendy children's clothing brand, we know that reading is a highly beneficial and fundamental activity for children’s development. For our very own handpicked age-appropriate book suggestions, check out our blog New-years-pick-for-your-kids-booklist.

So instill a love of reading at an early age, and you’ll be giving your child the best gift that will benefit and delight them for the rest of their lives!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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