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Ways to Ring in the New Years with Kids

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Urna Biswas December 29, 2020

“So, I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings.”
- Nick Frederickson, poet


It’s here – the finale of yet another year! As we stand on the threshold of a brand-new year, life is full of hope, promise, and possibilities. A special time indeed – and one that deserves to be celebrated with your family in an extra special way. At Kinderkind, your favorite modern kid apparel store online, we love new beginnings as much as we love bringing you kids fashion clothes for your little ones. And so, we have for you a variety of delightful ways to ring in the new year with your kiddos – get ready for giggles, glee, and a barrelful of fun!



boy bomber jogger pants set

A countdown to midnight is always exciting on New Year’s Eve. Add to the excitement by making these countdown goodie bags to be opened each hour up to midnight. Get some mini party bags – or you can simply make your own – and glue some tags with clock faces on them. Draw clock hands on the bags to mark each hour of the countdown. In each bag, have a fun activity that the family can do together each hour right up to 12 AM, or earlier, if your kids have an early bedtime. These can include making and eating a special New Year’s Eve snack, playing a favorite family game, watching a holiday movie, having an impromptu karaoke session – the possibilities are endless!

Want to learn how to make your own goodie bags? Find out how at:

 kids print gorilla tracksuit jacket



girls scuba skirt

Who doesn’t love taking photos, right? New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to indulge yourself by setting your very own personalized Family Photo Booth! Put up a roll of white craft paper as the backdrop for your photo booth, and then let the kids go crazy painting it in bright, fun colors and decorating it with Christmas ornaments or party decorations. Draw a bunch of fun photo props on cardboard, cut them out, and glue them to some long straws or skewers – you can have spectacles, moustaches, Santa hats, etc. You can even download printable photo props from the net. Download a photo booth app like Luma Booth, and just be silly with your kids and family!

Click here to download some adorable New Year’s Eve printable photo booth props:




kinder clothes

Ask any child if they enjoy dressing up, and the answer will be a resounding YES! Just because you are celebrating at home doesn’t mean you should not deck up in your finest, does it? Go on – raid your closets and pull out that cherished little black dress, your son’s favorite bomber jacket, your daughter’s beloved chambray dress – and don’t forget Dad’s sharpest suit too! Stock up on white gloves, faux pearls, bow ties and tiaras from your old storage boxes or your local party store. Paint your nails and your faces. Break out the body and hair glitter and get fancy! Gussy up as a family and see how much fun it can be getting all dolled up. Plus, it will make for the BEST pictures for the family photo album!

Take a look at this fun video for some easy face painting ideas:

kids twill cargo pant



girls off shoulder chambray romper

We know this hasn’t been an easy year. But it’s important to teach our children to focus on the positives, on those silver linings amidst all the anxious times. Making a Time Capsule Jar is a lovely way to capture the memories of good times. Get a Mason jar or recycle an old jam jar, and write the year on the lid – use a fancy marker or help the kids make a pretty label. Have everyone write down their hopes and wishes for the year ahead, and add them to the jar. You can also make New Year’s Eve Questionnaires for each person to answer about things that happened during the year. Put the jar somewhere easy to access, and through the year, every family member keeps adding commemorative notes, keepsakes, photos or even tiny souvenirs to the jar. On the next New Year’s Eve, open up the memory jar and take a look at all the special memories stored up, and see if you have achieved the wishes and dreams you all planned. It’s lovely to look back on these through coming years and see what each of you cherished and remembered.

Here are some free New Year’s Eve printable questionnaires that you can use:




kind clothes

What’s a holiday celebration without some delicious eats! This is the perfect opportunity to go crazy in the kitchen with the whole family, and whip up some signature munchies and drinks. Have an array of fun, simple ingredients laid out, and let everyone create their own appetizers or mocktails. Non-cooking recipes are great options for younger kiddos, and they will love mixing different juices and syrups to come up with signature mocktails! Add to the fun by having a competition for the most innovative names for each creation. Then proceed to ring in the New Year with the scrumptious spread!

Check out these quick and easy mocktail recipes:



New beginnings are always a blessing – an opportunity to shake off the old, the worn, the jaded, and start off with a spring in your step, and a song of hope in your heart. We have all been through trying times, and the prayer on everyone’s lips is – may the New Year be better, brighter, and a lot happier. From Kinderkind, your own online store for the latest kids wear for girls and boys, we wish you a Wonderful New Year.

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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