'Tis is the Season to be Happy and Kind!

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Urna Biswas December 23, 2020

Wishing you and your family a joyful holiday season and a new year filled with kindness and positivity! 

As a small business, we appreciate your business and support, especially during this challenging year.

We pack each of your packages ourselves and we get so happy when we start to recognize names of our repeat customers or receive a kind note about our products, which always gives us more motivation to grow Kinderkind.

This year was a period of struggle but we saw it as a challenge to pivot and do things differently, approaching each difficulty through positivity, creativity and kindness. We made hard decisions like taking a step back and holding off launching a new Fall collection and chose instead to share positivity and kindness with our community. In place of more products, we launched our Be Kind blogs, produced content campaigns around creativity and kindness, and refocused on featuring our community.

As a result, we are blessed to have grown the brand across our direct to customer channels, invested in product development for future collections and connected with our customers in new ways so that we are in the best position to continue our mission to bring one-of-a-kind, attainable, inclusive fashion that create kindness, joy, imagination and memories for our customers.

We are so grateful that we have a chance to delight you and your kind toddler with our products and look forward to sharing exciting developments in 2021.

Sending love to our kind community from the Kinderkind Team!