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This Fathers' Day, Self Love is the Best Gift you can Give Dad

This Fathers' Day, Self Love is the Best Gift you can Give Dad

Urna Biswas June 18, 2021

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into superheroes, adventurers, storytellers and singers of song.”

A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love – that’s a father! As between mother and child, the bond between a father and a child is a vibrant, precious one. It’s vital for our little ones to experience the unique style of bonding that fathers provide.

Dads, you all do so much for us – and we believe it’s only right that you should get a day of pampering! Amidst the frenzied hustle of daily life, a dose of self-love enables us to sail through challenges and truly experience the pleasures of parenthood.

This Father’s Day, from Kinderkind, your best-loved children's clothing online store, here’s a very special post for all our wonderful fathers out there, who strive to put a smile on their children’s faces every day. Dads, go ahead and give yourself the best gift possible with our top tips for some self-love. You know you deserve it!

Did you know that the rose is the official flower for Father’s Day? Find out more fun facts about this special day:





We lead such hectic lives these days, don’t we? Do you remember the last time you took time out to do something you enjoy? And we don’t mean watching Frozen with your toddler for the umpteenth time!

Aim to take some time out for yourself each day to do something just for you. Things done for ourselves are nourishing for our mind, body and soul, so make sure you factor in some me-time when you’re planning your weekly schedule!

It needn’t be anything elaborate and extravagant. Reading a chapter of your favorite book, taking up that hobby you’ve always wanted to, pottering about in the garden tending to your precious plants, or simply dimming the lights and lying back in a comfortable armchair with your favorite music playing in the background – anything that makes you happy and relaxed is worth making time for.

Finding it difficult to carve out time for yourself? Here are some great tips:





How often have we given our kids treats to reward them for achievements and accomplishments? But most often, we forget to reward ourselves too.

Parenting is a rocky road, and you’re doing an amazing job tackling a million things every day. What helps smoothen the path are little indulgences that simply make us happy. These small but significant rewards send our brain the all-important signal that we’re doing fine.

Got your child through a particularly difficult exam, or fixed that niggling car problem? Treat yourself to that new toolkit you’ve been eyeing, or the latest album from your favorite music group. Raising kids can be a thankless job at times, so spoil yourself a little!

How does pampering yourself help you as a parent? Read more at:





Parenthood can be infinitely rewarding. But if you’re finding yourself exhausted and run-down often, it may be time to pay a little more attention towards yourself.

We know that as a father, you aim to give your children the best care you possibly can. But to be at the top of your dad superpowers, you need to look after your own health too! Fatigued, strung-out, and ailing parents are at risk of experiencing a host of negative emotional states that could be harmful to your family.

Make sure you’re eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Get those regular medical and dental check-ups done, and don’t neglect any niggling health issues that are dogging you. When you feel better, you parent better – it’s as simple as that. And when you take care of yourself, you’re setting a great example for your kids too.

Here are the important medical tests and screenings you shouldn’t be missing:





Are your Halloween costumes for your kid the talk of the town? Does your family swear by your Sunday roast? You’ve just found a channel for your creative juices!

Creativity is something that resides in all of us in some shape or form. No matter what it is, doing something creative can be immensely satisfying. It gives us an opportunity to express ourselves uniquely while having fun.

Think about what you enjoy doing – it could be tinkering with your tools in the shed, doing some carpentry, creating model figures, whipping up tasty treats in the kitchen, or even writing the next bestseller! And don’t stress yourself out attempting to be perfect. Let this be something just for you, that you enjoy – no pressure!

Check out this great article that explains why creative pursuits are so important:





We know how much you love being a dad to that precious little darling in your life. However, we know – and you do too – that parenting can be hard sometimes.

There are moments when you find feelings of guilt or inadequacy creeping up on you. And that’s when it’s most important to give yourself a mental pat on the back and remind yourself of what a great job you’re doing.

Instead of telling yourself that you’re messing up, concentrate on what’s going well. Spend time each day focusing on all the great things you’re offering your little one, and how well you’re doing. Give yourself credit for small accomplishments. Getting into a habit of praising yourself is the best way to maintain a positive outlook. So, show yourself some love and tip the scales in favor of success!

This excellent blog tells you more about the benefits of self-praise:



Dads are those selfless, hardworking, wonderful beings – who are always ready to mop up tears, who have dropped us off to school on the way to office even if it meant taking a detour, pushed us on a swing, helped us with our art projects, taken us out to our favorite ice cream place when we got an A in our tests. As a father, you make an indelible impression in your child’s life every single day, and from Kinderkind, your favorite online modern kid apparel store, we want you to know how much we value and love you all.

Acceptance and self-love are essential to any healthy relationship – even your relationship with yourself! So, this Father’s Day, give yourself the pampering you deserve!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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