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Thanksgiving Family Traditions to Start This Year

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Urna Biswas November 24, 2020

Tradition. What a beautiful word, isn’t it, wrapping within itself warmth and memories and love. Traditions are those special, repeated rituals that fill us with a sense of identity and are personal to each family, reminding us of all the happy experiences we had doing these same activities in the past.

Thanksgiving is probably one of our best-loved holidays which is intertwined with special emotions and traditions. The crunchy leaves are a riot of color, the breeze has that unique holiday fragrance, and it’s a time to focus on family and being truly grateful for what we have. At Kinderkind, your favorite children clothing online store, we cherish the spirit of gratitude, warmheartedness, and tradition that permeates the air.

This Thanksgiving, how about starting a new tradition in your family? It’s a really special way to add a personal touch to the holiday. Here are some unique and creative Thanksgiving family traditions to create lasting memories with your loved ones and amp up the joy and frolic!

Before you dive in, take a moment to marvel at these different ways Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world:





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Let’s kick off with a super fun craft activity that will have the whole family rolling with laughter – an art turkey making competition! Put out a bunch of colorful paper & craft supplies, and let everyone unleash their creativity making their very own turkeys.  Let the kiddos form a panel of judges, with small prizes awarded to the best turkeys – or you can have your own ballot to vote for the ones you love the most!

Check out these awesome turkey crafts at:


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Big Thanksgiving dinners are synonymous with beautiful table settings – and we have a great idea for you! Instead of regular place settings, use something personal and meaningful to each person, that has a story or a history to it. It could be an old ragdoll belonging to a grown-up daughter, or that funny pottery piece that Grandma made with the kids when she came to babysit. Let everyone have fun discovering their personalized place setting, and of course, telling the story behind it!

Need cool Thanksgiving table decorating ideas? Find them here:


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Our elderly relatives are probably the most treasured people in our families. And one of the best things about them? The stories they have to tell! Take advantage of this wonderful talent of theirs and start a new Thanksgiving tradition –“Good Ol’ Days” interviews!

Keep some time aside to ask older relatives about their life and record what they say. Assign the kids the task of coming up with a list of questions and taking it in turns to be the interviewer – they’ll love it! Also, it’s a great way for them to engage with the elderly folk. Questions can range over various topics, like their first date, or their own Thanksgivings as children.

Find some fun family interview questions at:




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Much as we love having the whole clan around at Thanksgiving, it may not be possible for all your family members to make it to the big family dinner physically. But they can always join in virtually, right? Thanks to the magic of technology, we have so many options today to recreate that sense of togetherness! Make it an annual tradition to set up a video call with all the friends and relatives missing at the table. Coordinate mealtimes, say grace and share thankfulness together. Exchange stories or even arrange to play virtual games with them!

Here’s a list of fun games you can play online with your loved ones:





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Thanksgiving is not just a time for family, but also to think of less fortunate ones around us– and we have a unique idea for you to start as a tradition this year. Instead of the usual Thanksgiving gifts of wine or flowers, ask your guests to bring gifts of clothing or canned food that will be donated to your local charity. After Thanksgiving dinner, you can all sit down together and plan a day for the whole family to volunteer to help those in need.


Thanksgiving is a holiday that is very close to our hearts, as it is a time to reflect over the many blessings we have received during the past year. By setting up a new tradition, you can help your family take the time to think about gratitude and focus on what really matters.

We hope these innovative Thanksgiving traditions help you have a very special Thanksgiving, and create lasting memories that you and your family will cherish.

As we bring you the best kids fashion clothes from Kinderkind, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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