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Spring Recipes to Get Kids Eating Fresh This Season

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Urna Biswas March 17, 2021

The glorious vibrancy of spring is finally here, with its blossoming promises of hope and new beginnings. As the weather starts to warm up, it’s the ideal time to come up with light meals for your child that are packed with fresh vegetables, juicy fruits, and zesty flavour.

Spring’s bounty is generous, packed with goodness and health, and we want to make the best use of it for our precious children. With that in mind, we at Kinderkind, your go-to site for best kids’ fashion clothes, have lined up for you some easy yet delicious fresh treats that you can whip up for your little darling in no time.

So get ready to spring into spring with these seasonal delights!




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Vegetable Fettucine with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Pasta is probably on the top ten list of most kids’ favorite foods, isn’t it! Want a healthier version that sneaks in some nutritious spring veggies as well? Try out this scrumptious 'fettucine' recipe that uses ribbons of veggies instead of pasta. Your little one will gobble it up in a wink – no more cribbing overeating their greens!

Find this innovative recipe here:



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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

We all know sweet potatoes are brim-full of healthy nutrients. That’s why we have for you this unique sweet potato recipe loaded with the flavors of pizza, which will instantly appeal to your kiddo’s palate. Stuffed with pizza sauce, herbs and cheese, these tempting and healthy morsels will disappear in no time!

Check out how to make them at:



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Vegetable Quesadillas

Which kid doesn’t love finger foods, are we right? And cheesy, crunchy quesadillas are an eternal favorite. These mouth-watering vegetable quesadillas are a great way to expose your little one to a variety of fresh spring veggies. Bell peppers, corn, broccoli –adapt this recipe to whatever you have in the fridge, or to suit your child’s taste!

Kate Bridge is one of our favorite mommy influencers, known for her exceptional lifestyle videos channeling her thoughts on happy, healthy motherhood and what she’s learnt so far as a mum of four. Her two boys, Dylan 13 and Ayden 6, and two girls, Meryn 12 and Marnie 2, definitely keep her on her toes. But she still makes sure to find time for her passion of building an online community to chat about parenting, from toddler to teen and everything in between! Check out this cool video of her sneaking some veggies into recipes that her kids absolutely love!





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Carrot & Cheese Chick Crackers

You’ve heard of the saying – have your cake and eat it too. We say – make your craft and eat it too! Try these mini chick crackers, loaded with the goodness of carrots and fresh spinach, for a fun and healthy spring food craft with your little one. Kids love to mess about in the kitchen, and it’s a great opportunity to teach them that food can be fun!

Here’s the super easy recipe:



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Spring Frittata

Frittatas are a lifesaver for the busy mom, because of how amazingly versatile and simple they are. This tasty Spring Frittata recipe includes loads of spring veggies to deliver the right dose of nutrients to your little darling. Low on fat and big on taste, we guarantee this will soon become a family favourite!

Check out the recipe at:





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Froyo Fruit Bites

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a warm spring day? However, store-bought ice cream is full of fat, cholesterol, and calories. That’s why we have a healthier and equally yummy alternative for your little one, with these delectable frozen yoghurt fruit bites. Full of the goodness of berries, these sweet bites are like an explosion of spring flavors in your kid’s mouth!

Find details of this healthy and refreshing dessert at:



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Spinach Muffins with Banana

Kids universally love muffins, and these Spinach Muffins provide a boost of long-lasting energy to your little busy bee. They’re naturally sweet from the banana and packed with nutrients from fruit and greens. To top it all, these taste so delicious, your kiddo won’t want to stop at just one!

Get the recipe at:




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Fruit Pizza Crackers

Racking your brains about how to get your little whirlwind to have more fruit? Not to worry, we have the perfect solution with this super fun and easy fruit pizza crackers! These fruit pizza crackers look as pretty as the spring blossoms all around and are incredibly easy to make. Be it a quick and wholesome afterschool snack or a nutritious and yummy dessert, this is one fruit treat your kid will never refuse!

Check out details at https://www.homemadeginger.com/fruit-pizza-crackers/


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Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Kids will eat almost anything if there’s chocolate in it, don’t you agree? And that’s why this Chocolate Avocado Pudding is so genius! Avocado is one of the top superfoods we have and blended into this scrumptious pudding, it adds a rich, creamy texture that will delight your little one’s palate! With simple ingredients, zero cooking, and a method that takes all of 5 minutes tops, this Chocolate Avocado Pudding is the perfect healthy dessert to serve your kiddo.

Here’s how to make it:



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Fruit & Lemonade Bars

Lemonade is probably the perfect spring drink, full of the breezy lightness and sparkling freshness of the new season. Check out this sweet take on this popular beverage with these delectable fruity bars flavoured with strawberry, pineapple and lemon. Your kiddo will be delighted with this magical concoction of a fruity, juicy filling on a buttery shortbread crust— it’s the taste of spring in their mouth!

Find the recipe at:



As the spring sun shines brighter and more beautiful in the bluest of skies,a feeling of freshness pervades everything around us. And this is true of our meals and munchies as well! What more perfect season than spring to get our kiddos eating fresh and wholesome food? As we look forward to a brighter and sunnier year, we at Kinderkind, your favorite online spring summer kids fashion boutique, hope to deliver a little more health and happiness to your lives.

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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