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Sibling Relationships are the Most Important Ones in a Family

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Urna Biswas April 09, 2021

“Siblings – the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.”– Byron Pulsifer


If we asked you who that one person is… who drives you nuts, but whom you can’t do without; the person with whom you have your bitterest fights, as well as the best times of your life; your bluntest critic but the one who always has your back? That’s right – it’s our siblings!

Growing up with siblings has an incredibly powerful effect on us. Not only does it have a significant impact on our mental and physical health, but it actually shapes what kind of person we eventually grow up to be. And that’s why we at Kinderkind, your favorite kids clothing online shopping boutique, know that sibling relationships are the most important ones in the family.

Need more convincing? Check out these dynamic siblings who changed the course of history:



They say siblings are the only enemy you can’t live without! Studies show that the sibling bond is about much more than just family dinners and titanic wrestling matches over the remote. Read on to know more about the wonderful benefits of having siblings.


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Having A Sibling Makes Us More Selfless

When we grow up sharing our toys, games or even the last cookie with someone else, it inevitably develops qualities of altruism and selflessness within us.

Having a brother or sister means we learn to focus on other people’s needs, wants and feelings apart from our own. It’s a valuable lesson for our little ones to be aware that they may not always be the center of the universe – other people matter too!


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Siblings Keep Us Physically Fit

Do your little ones spend all day racing around the house after each other? Way to go! Research shows that having siblings can help us stay more active and physically fit. When it comes to fitness, our families undoubtedly have the biggest impact on how healthy our lifestyles are. So, growing up sharing good eating and fitness habits with a brother or sister is a pretty good guarantee that you’ll be continuing those habits throughout your life!


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Siblings Improve Our Mental Health

Having a sibling means growing up knowing that you always have someone you can count on – and that comfort and assurance is a huge thing when it comes to the mental health of our kiddos. Research shows that spending time with loved ones, especially siblings, can help reduce stress, particularly in children. Believe it or not, even those epic sibling fights are helpful in developing important traits such as how to better control emotion and regulate temper!


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Siblings Make Us Happier

For most of us, a sibling bond means a lifetime of emotional support, precious friendship, and umpteen inside jokes. Studies show that having a close relationship with a brother or sister can lead to a heightened sense of happiness, positivity and contentment throughout one’s life. After all, they’re the ones who know exactly what you mean when you go, “Hey, remember that summer when…” –right? Having those precious shared memories to laugh over with someone – what could make us happier!

Feeling sentimental? Warm your heart with these stories of sweet sibling moments:




So, you’re rolling your eyes and wondering how in the world you’re going to get your squabbling youngsters to develop those tender sibling bonds, right?

Not to worry! Check out our expert tips to encourage healthy sibling relationships in your family.


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Respect Is Paramount

Respect is integral to building good relationships, whether it’s between friends, partners, or siblings.

Help your little ones understand that we need to treat others the way they want to be treated, with concern and kindness for their feelings. This could include talking in a pleasant tone even while disagreeing, being respectful of a sibling’s opinions, and being considerate of their space.


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The Bonds of Family

Sure, your kiddos can’t stand each other now – but we know that’ll change when they grow up, don’t we? It’s vital that we teach them the value of family bonds when they’re young.

Talk about how family, and especially siblings, can be a source of unshakable love and support. They might be too young to fully realize the importance of sibling relationships now, but this is a message that is worth repeating, and one that they will eventually grow to appreciate as they get older.


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Shared Tasks Form Deeper Bonds

Want to know a great way to build a sense of teamwork and cooperation among your little sweethearts? Just give them tasks to do together!

Working in unison towards a common goal strengthens bonding and fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie between siblings. Have them work on a shared project, or do simple household chores together like laying the table. You can even make it a game between the kiddos and grownups to see who can complete their tasks faster!


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Make Time for Fun!

Families who have fun together are less likely to have conflict.

Plan weekly movie nights with snacks and sodas, have a picnic in the backyard, or go for a nice long family bike ride! While planning fun activities, make sure every family member has a say and feels included in the decision. Nothing strengthens sibling bonds like shared memories of family activities, and we’re sure you’ll agree!

We adore these delightful play activities for siblings:



No matter how different your little ones are from one another, sibling bonds are super important to develop and nurture. As a parent, you can do a whole lot to foster the bonds between your kids, which will hopefully be lifelong.Love is a powerful thing, and love of family and siblings is more powerful than any other human bond.

This National Sibling Day, we at Kinderkind, your go-to for best kids’ fashion clothes, urge you to take out a moment from your busy, whizzy lives, and give your sibling the biggest hug ever!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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