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Practicing Self - Love as a Mother

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Urna Biswas February 05, 2021

If love is as sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.
-        Stevie Wonder


Love and mother – two words that go hand-in-hand. A mother’s love for her children is all-encompassing and nothing else can compare. But what about a mom’s love for herself – that’s equally important, isn’t it? At Kinderkind, your favorite kids clothing online shopping boutique, we believe that a mother is a wondrous being, made of fairy tales, hugs, comfort and care – and she deserves to love herself as much as she loves her family.

Here are some delightful ways for mothers, our very own personal good angels, to practice self-love!

Check out how taking care of yourself actually makes you a better mom:



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How many times have we told ourselves – “Kickboxing looks so much fun – gonna try it sometime!” Or “When the kids are all grown up, I’ll finally take up those keyboard lessons.”

As moms, we always seem to be putting our own desires and dreams on hold, isn’t it? But can we let you in on a little secret? Don’t keep waiting for that day when you’ll be free and have all the time in the world. If there’s something you’ve always longed to do, do it NOW!

Sign up for that salsa class; join that poetry club – see how good it feels to be doing something that you really enjoy. And come back to your family rejuvenated, refreshed, and raring to go!

Not sure what hobby to take up? Becca has some great suggestions on how to find a hobby you love:




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Does it seem that you only pick up the phone these days to follow up on homework with another parent, or check on when your kid’s getting back home? When was the last time you dialled a close pal just to have a long, cosy chat?

Friendships and social connections are important to all of us. And when our mommy schedules get overloaded, those times of chatting or catching up over coffee with friends seem to be far, far away.

Go ahead and make time for connecting with your favorite people. Make the first Friday of each month a shopping date with your bestie, or schedule a once-a-month coffee date with your friends. Pour out all that stress, vent to your heart’s content, and feel as light and carefree as a butterfly!

Still, stressed about how to be a mom and maintain a social life? Get some handy tips here:




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You know the best way to get ourselves energized and get those feel-good hormones pumping through our bodies? You guessed right – it’s exercise!

Whether we need to start from scratch, or just want to shake up our regular routines, it's good to go for activities that motivate us to get up and go! Bored with regular old squats and push-ups? Take a Pilates class, sign up for Tai Chi, or just get your hands on the latest dance workout video; the idea is to get moving.

Not only will your body thank you for the exercise, but you’ll also feel awesome because you’re taking care of yourself. So splurge on some snazzy workout outfits and exercise your stress away!

Super pressed for time? Check out these 10-minute workouts that can be squeezed into a busy schedule with ease!




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When we say “Take care of yourself”, we literally mean it! We'd never let our kids miss their annual check-ups, would we? So don't let your own health fall by the wayside. If your body’s trying to tell you something, listen to it.

Keep on top of periodic check-ups, with age-appropriate tests and screenings. Make sure you run any niggling little health issues by your doctor. And let's get to the dentist for regular exams and teeth cleaning to keep that dazzling smile shining!

Check out what essential tests WHO recommends for women:




girls off shoulder chambray romper


As the mom of the house, we sometimes feel that we're being pulled in a hundred directions at once, right? Take a breather and throw in some me-time on a regular basis!

Don’t pressurize yourself to plan anything elaborate or complicated. Me-time can be a cosy break at home, having a relaxing bubble bath with soothing music, or curled up with a mug of hot chocolate and the latest romance novel.

More of an outdoorsy person? Take a stroll through the park, feed the ducks, or drop in at your favorite kids’ fashion store Kinderkind, and pick up the latest ruffle top or tie-dye jogger for your little one. Think of the simple pleasures of life that make you happy – and just let them make you happy! It’s as easy as that.

Here’s a handy list of cool ways to pamper yourself:



When we make time for self-love, we pave the way to feeling better about ourselves and putting our best foot forward. At Kinderkind, your best-loved children’s clothing online store, we know that for moms anywhere and everywhere, family comes first. However, by designing a balanced life through purposeful choices that satisfy your mind, body, and soul, you can be your supermom self, look fabulous, and live a joyful and fulfilling life!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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