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Outdoor Canvas

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Hrid Biswas August 21, 2020

This summer has been a little different for all of us. We’ve been kept away from our friends, family, social lives, and typical daily routines. We all know being stuck at home can be boring, but it really takes a toll on children’s emotional and physical development. Being pulled away from everything they once knew, that too for reasons that are nearly impossible for them to understand is a hard feeling. It is so important to find the right balance for your kids to maintain their emotional and physical happiness.


Gear up for some fun!

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Kids need space, freedom… movement! Feeling confined, restricted, and cooped up can restrict imagination and creativity. So, it is important, essential actually, for children to go outside and work off all that pent up energy! An hour outside a day can reap endless benefits! Along with keeping them happy, this time can also improve their physical and mental capacities. In our last blog, we talked about engaging kids with Art & Craft indoors. In this blog we’ll give you some of the coolest outdoor engagement ideas for your kids, keeping in mind the current limitations!


Give Gardening a Go!

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Plant a Mini Garden:

Let your child pick their favorite fruit, flower or vegetables… and then, go and grow it! Gardening has a number of benefits for kids. It can help your child’s sensory development. This creative activity requires all kinds of senses to reimage and recreate from scratch.. Your child will be able to recognize and develop them unconsciously which in turn, will have long-lasting effects. This little landscaping exercise is an amazing creative tool to keep your child physically and mentally active this summer.  So, let your child go out and plant their own creative mini garden! Grab some gloves, some seeds, and a hose because you and your children are in for some serious fun! Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!


Look Around… There’s Magic Everywhere!

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Scavenger Hunt:

Create a scavenger hunt for your kid! Hide some fun objects outdoors and let them go crazy! Help them find the objects by overcoming creative hurdles or tasks like puzzles, crafts, word games, etc. Scavenger hunts, as careless as they may feel, help your child to build problem-solving skills. Establishing a plan and strategy to find every last object emphasizes their critical thought process from an early age and in a fun and creative way! What are you waiting for? Make a list, go outside, and play!


Pose for the Camera!

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One of our absolute favorite outdoor activities for children (and even adults) is photography. Something we often forget is that kids have their own stressors too! Photography is an excellent stress-reliever. Capturing our favorite images and scenes has the power to transport our thoughts from inside of our heads to outside, in the world. Photography can also boost your child’s self-esteem, allowing them to showcase their creative capability. Photography is the perfect platform to let your child display their unlocked potential, and trust us, there’s tons of it left to explore! They say a picture speaks 1,000 words. This way, not only are your children discovering more about themselves but so are you! You never know, maybe your child’s passion for photography today will become their career tomorrow!


Sand in the box!

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Sand Art:

Let your child get a little dirty and play with sand. Sandbox is a wonderful creative activity for children. It takes your child on a tour to their own world of imaginations. Sandbox has physical as well as mental developmental benefits. Building structures out of sand strengthens your child’s finger and hand muscles which improve your child’s physical health. It also improves your child’s coordination skills and their handwriting too. Sandbox is one of those rare outdoor games which makes your child self-dependent and self-sufficient.


What’s That Sound?

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Sound Safari:

Take your child on a “Sound Safari” around the neighborhood or on a hike. Close their eyes and ask them to list the things they hear one by one. A “Sound Safari” can increase alertness in children and improve their observation skills. This creative sound activity helps one focus and really push their imaginations to connect with their surroundings. It gives them some time to clear their minds and get in tune with nature and themselves. Sometimes, your kids need a reminder to just take a deep breath and relax!


Outdoor activities can shape a child’s passions and interests. Since, these uncertain times do not allow your child to socialize with their peeps or enjoy the outdoors, these activities will hopefully help them remain upbeat, active, positive, and forever creative. Get some fresh air and have a lovely time with your little ones!


Sending love from Be Kind Blogs. Happy reading.

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