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On International Women's Day - Give Yourself Some "Me Time"

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Urna Biswas March 05, 2021

“She’s a supermom, isn’t she? I don’t know how she does it all!” 

As a mom, we’re sure this is something you’d be delighted to hear about yourself, right? After all, there’s no denying that being a mother is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling roles in life.

But it’s important to think about whether these coveted accolades are coming at a price. Are you one of those moms who rarely takes time out for herself, whose life revolves around her family’s needs? If the answer is yes, you need to take a teeny step back and treat yourself to some much-deserved me-time!

At Kinderkind, your best-loved trendy children’s clothing brand, we know what high standards moms set for themselves – and we love and respect them for it. That’s why we wanted to bring you these small but effective ways you can pamper yourself with a little me-time – you deserve it!

Check out these fascinating facts about International Women’s Day:



So, why exactly is some love-me time so vital for our super mommies? Let’s take a look!


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You’re a Mom, But You’re Also Much More

On some days, it probably feels like all you are is a mother! Yes, it’s one of your most defining roles. However, that’s not all you are, right?

Think about the other roles that make up the amazing person that you are – a wife, a daughter, a friend, a colleague, a career woman with goals and dreams. Since having kids, these roles have probably taken a backseat. But they’re still there, and you have every right to continue pursuing them.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at some of the most popular working mom blogs out there:



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Your Babies Will Grow Up

Right now, your life is an endless rollercoaster of “Mom! I need you!” But remember – those little ones won’t be little for much longer.

In the blink of an eye, they’ll be busy with their own lives, friends and activities. And that might leave you feeling a tad empty and lonely. However, having your own interests and hobbies will ensure your life is still satisfying and full even after the birdies have flown the nest.

We love these excellent tips on how to make time for your own interests as a mom:



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Set an Example for Your Kids

You know it – whatever you do, your kids will emulate! So, it’s important for them to see that even though mom’s always there for them, she has her own life too.

By taking time for yourself, you’re teaching your little ones that you need to value yourself as much as you value taking care of others. And that’s a powerful lesson in raising them to be selfless and considerate human beings.

Here are some awesome ways that you can set an example for your little one:



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It Makes You a Better Mom

It’s an undisputed fact – happy women make happy mothers. And that’s what every child deserves, isn’t it?

This is why it’s vital to make time for the things that make you happy – that dance class, that girls’ night-out – whatever you need to relieve the stress and strain of the everyday routine. Fill up your personal fulfilment tank so that can pour more into your kids!

Want to know the top tips that happy moms follow? Look no further – here they are!




So – what do we mean by me-time?

Me-time is a time when we indulge in an activity that interests us, engages us and makes us happy without anyone else claiming our time or attention.

Read on for our fav mommy-me-time activity suggestions!


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A Little Pampering Goes a Long Way

Motherhood often tends to make women forget about themselves and concentrate only on their little ones. But when you care about your own self, you feel better about yourself as a person – and that’s crucial for a mother.

Pampering comes in many forms –time at the salon, getting a cool hairdo or a relaxing mani-pedi; a luxurious bubble bath at home with music and some wine; or just shopping for some new shades of lipstick with your bestie. Zero in on what makes YOU happy, and go for it!

We love these awesome yet simple pampering ideas for busy mothers:



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Date Nights – Rev Up the Romance

With the arrival of kids, romance and relationships inevitably get pushed to the backburner. But we know how important it is to keep that spark alive and glowing, isn’t it?

Once in a while, get a babysitter, deck up in your favorite LBD and suit, and take off on that dinner or movie date! Spending quality time together strengthens the bond between you, and we know that strong and contented couples always parent better, right?

Tough to go out? Here are some great ideas for dates right at home!



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Take Up That Hobby You’ve Always Meant To

If you’re a creative or active person, this is the one for you. Taking up a new hobby can be a greatly fulfilling and enriching way of recharging yourself.

Gardening, pottery, crafting, writing, photography – the possibilities are endless and the rewards are profound. Working on a new hobby brings a sense of purpose and helps center and calm you. So, if there’s that one activity you’ve always longed to do but kept putting off – now’s the time to do it!

Here are some super cool hobby ideas for moms:



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Actually BE Alone

Me-time isn’t necessarily alone time. But that said, actually spending time just by oneself can be incredibly cathartic and rewarding.

Go for lunch or a coffee by yourself, or go on a window-shopping spree, admiring the latest fashions. Plug-in headphones, blare your favorite music and go for a walk along your favorite route. Unplugging from everyone else destresses and invigorates you, and you’ll be refreshed and ready to get back to being supermom in no time!

Know more about how alone time can benefit moms here:



Remember – we’re most productive in our relationships when we’re emotionally and physically fulfilled. So go ahead and give yourself permission to have a little ‘Me’ time so that you can be the best mom, wife, friend, and woman you can possibly be!

As we bring you the latest kids wear for girls and boys from Kinderkind, we salute those selfless, hardworking and incredible beings called Mothers, who do such a fabulous job every day!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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