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New Year New Things - Ways to Encourage your Child to Try New Activities

New Year New Things - Ways to Encourage your Child to Try New Activities

Urna Biswas January 08, 2021

We’ve all heard the proverb, “Old is Gold.” But when it comes to teaching your kiddo, new and exciting stuff is always great! Children get bored with regular activities super fast, so it makes sense to keep their enthusiasm and curiosity ticking constantly by getting them to try new things. We love new at Kinderkind – that’s why we make sure we always bring you the latest in kids apparel such as girls shorts and skirts, outerwear for toddler boy, kids denim jacket and much more, so that you can keep up with the freshest in kiddie fashion!

Children are creatures of habit, and attempts to introduce something new can often result in resistance or even outright rebellion! Worry not – as we kick off the new year, here are some great ways to encourage your little ones to try some new fun activities. And to help, here’s a list of top motivational songs for kids to get them in the mood!





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A lot of the times, it’s an apprehension of the unknown that makes kids shy away from new activities. Have a heart to heart with your little one, and involve them in the planning process when you’re deciding on new activities. Giving them options is a great idea - they can choose which of two new sports they’d like to try, or between art or drama classes. Remember to be upbeat and super positive when it comes to any apprehensions. Discuss why it’s important to try new things – it broadens one’s perspectives, helps them discover new interests and learn new things. Who knows – they may even discover hidden talents as a master baker or a champion skater!

Sometimes, using visual encouragement works wonders. Check out these awesome motivational charts for children:




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We’re sure your little sweetheart has their own set of likes and dislikes, right? When planning new things to do for your kiddo, it’s initially a great idea to keep their basic interests in mind. A child who loves his food may be more open to trying his hand in the kitchen at some basic, kid-friendly dishes. A kid who loves being out of doors might surprise you by readily agreeing to a trek or trying an adventure sport. Once your child is used to exploring new activities, you can start suggesting things which gradually take them outside their areas of interest into more unexplored and novel territory. They won’t even realize when they’ve started to do totally new things - and loving them too!

We love this excellent article on identifying your kid’s unique interests:




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The key to introducing a new activity is – start with baby steps! Your little champ may be overwhelmed if you try doing too much at the outset. If they’re trying martial arts for the first time, start off by watching a fun martial arts-based movie together, like ‘The Karate Kid’. How about looking at a few books and pictures related to the new activity? Once they’re comfortable, you can try taking them for a chat with the instructor and maybe observing a couple of classes. By this time, the activity will be familiar enough to take any scariness away, and your little one might actually surprise you with their eagerness to give it a red-hot go themselves!

Have a look at this list of top motivational movies for kids:





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All kids adore play-acting, right? So, why don’t you go ahead and have a dramatic runthrough of the proposed new activity with your child! If you’re planning on taking your sweetie pie to eat out for the first time, practise the scenario at home. Set the table with fancy plates and cutlery, adding some napkins and flowers for that restaurant ambience. Have Daddy or an elder sibling play at being the server. You can create a fun menu card and have your kiddo order their own dishes! You can do similar rehearsals for other activities too, like a first visit to the movies. Darken your family room, butter up some popcorn, put some comfy chairs in rows, and let your little one pick out their favorite movie. These dry runs help the child understand what to expect when they try the new activity in real life, and we guarantee you a much smoother time of it!

Check out this delightful video that shows you how to turn your living room into a movie theater!


girls apparel online




5t girls shorts


In spite of detailed prior planning and preparations, all your efforts may come to nought if the new activity is missing that one vital factor – FUN! Whatever you choose for your child, ensure that they enjoy themselves as they start – leave the milestones and wins for later in the day. If they’re learning to play basketball, you can have fun challenges initially, like awarding a candy bar for shooting 5 hoops or having a friendly competition with Dad over who can keep the ball bouncing longest. Any activity will be well received if it’s punctuated with giggles of glee!


We all want our beloved children to grow to be fearless in the face of new challenges, and these are some great ways you can set them on that path. Help them realize that if they are willing to try, and put in their best efforts, it will always pay off! And most importantly – don’t forget to be your kid’s biggest cheerleader when they do get it right! From Kinderkind, your favorite kids clothing online shopping brand, we wish you success and happiness with all your new endeavors in the New Year!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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