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Urna Biswas January 24, 2022

When it comes to kids’ food and eating habits, we’ve seen huge changes over the years. The current generation has different needs and food preferences. Modern food trends need to be nutritionally balanced, healthy and simple.

In order to keep up with evolving food preferences, parents are experimenting with a plethora of different food items. In a recent survey, 78% of parents stated that their kids enjoy trying new foods. With parents also wanting to provide healthy fare, the search is always on for something nourishing yet interesting.

At Kinderkind, your favorite online store for best kids’ fashion clothes, we recognize the immense efforts you put in everyday to ensure your little one has a healthy, balanced diet. To help you, we’ve brainstormed and come up with some interesting ideas!

Let’s take a look at the newest food trends, which ones to try, and what to avoid.

Having trouble getting your kids to try new and healthy eats? Check out these expert food styling tips that will have your child cleaning their plate in no time!






It’s all about keeping up with our little busy bees! Gen Z parents continue to prioritize power-packed food choices to maintain their kids’ energy levels. This is evident through the focus on fresh, nutritious superfoods that pack a punch.

With school, sports, extracurriculars etc, children these days have super busy schedules. Meals like hummus dip with pita bread and veggies, or fajita-chicken-and-rice bowls help them to stay fueled and energized throughout the day. Dish out these delights and watch your little ones go, go, go!

For a list of top 10 superfoods for your child, check out Kinderkind’s previous blog:




In recent years, the focus on fresh produce has really taken off. School cafeterias and special events frequently celebrate fresh products from local farms the year round. Many of us have started growing our own herbs and produce in our own backyards too. And now, through hydroponics and other modern technology, gardens are also sprouting in several schools across the country.

Kids are encouraged to grow their own produce and bring the freshest and latest flavors into school cafeterias and home kitchens. No more battles over eating green vegetables – your little darling will be the first one to relish what they’ve grown themselves!

Take a look at these fun ideas for your child to grow their own food:




Which kid doesn’t love pasta, are we right? And when it comes to sandwiches, there really isn’t a more versatile, easy-to-eat food. These two huge culinary popstars have undergone a major makeover, and kids these days are wolfing down gourmet pasta and exotic sandwiches with gusto!

With the addition of herbs, veggies, or new ethnic flavors, children are loving the modern customizations of these all-time favorites. Move over, buttered noodles – here come pasta carbonara and brown butter cauliflower fettucine! The humble sandwich is elevated to gastronomical excellence with innovative ingredients like artisan breads, aioli, crispy eggplant, and crusted shrimp.

Check out these scrumptious gourmet pasta recipes that will have both kids and adults licking their lips:




Kids love eating with their hands, don’t they? And now this trend is gaining momentum fast. Handheld foods that don’t require utensils are becoming more popular. They make for super easy options at lunch, as well as between school or after school activities.

So what’s on the menu for handheld delights? Bento boxes with meats, veggies, cheese, and hummus top the list of favorites. Creative wraps like salmon or chicken salad wraps, seafood tacos and chicken fajita shawarmas make these finger foods popular for kids of all ages.

Here are 7 super easy and super healthy foods your child can grab on the go!




One of the greatest aspects of food is its ability to bring together people from various cultures and ethnicities. This aspect is rapidly gaining popularity in children’s foods too, as children seek new flavors from around the world while also exploring foods from their own heritage.

Dishes like baked chicken jollof rice, Japanese milk bread, Vietnamese pho, and Turkish gozleme are not only tickling and tantalizing kiddie palates, but also creating deeper bonds between classmates from different backgrounds. School lunches are also following suit, and kids are loving discovering the world - and a world of flavors - on their plates!

Check out these excellent tips on teaching your child about different cultures through food:




Not all fancy new food trends are good for your little darling. It can be tempting to try new fads, especially if your kid is a foodie. However, beneath the snazzy packaging, there might be things that you don’t actually want to be feeding your child.

Here are some food trends it’s good to avoid.


Kids are eternally attracted to bright and gaudy colors, and this has spilled into current food trends too. Striking, multi-hued foods like unicorn cupcakes and black ice cream are all the rage. However, all that glitters is not gold, and all those alluring colors might be hiding some unpleasant surprises underneath.

There are certain naturally colored items that may be harmless. However, in general, highly-colored foods should be a no-go, as these colors are often achieved using unhealthy artificial colorants. Research shows that these dyes can be dangerous for kids as they can cause liver and kidney damage. So, keep the bright colors for those cute outfits and off the plates!

This article talks more about the perils of certain food coloring:




Gluten has got a bad name thanks to the large number of people who have been diagnosed with gluten allergy in recent times. By association, gluten free foods are now often considered healthy foods.

However, research has shown that gluten free products are not really healthy. Gluten free items need to replace the flour with suitable substitutes. These substitutes are usually highly refined, in order to mimic white flour. Added sugar and soy derivatives are other evils often found in gluten free items.

Of course, if your child is gluten intolerant, then it must be avoided. But in general, it’s best to keep away from high amounts of processed gluten free products.

Know more about gluten and gluten free foods at:




When it comes to ultramodern, fancy snacking, puffed veggies seem to be the trendiest option these days. In theory, they sound fab, don’t they? Crunchy, savory snacks that taste like unhealthier types of chips, but made from actual veggies!

However, the reality is that these crispy treats are not all that great. In order to achieve those perfect puffs, vegetables need to be processed to the point where it’s doubtful it can still be termed a vegetable at all! They are often mixed with unhealthy stuff like colorants, refined grains and starches, sugar or corn syrup, and lecithin.

It’s not that these need to avoided at all costs. They’re fine as an occasional treat – but as with all junk food, treat with caution!

Check out this article to find out more about this current food craze:




Thanks to the recent trends of ketogenic and paleo dieting, protein-enriched ice cream really hit it big in recent times. It’s tempting to give kids protein ice cream as it seems to have apparent health benefits, right? But these sweet treats might not be the best idea for your little sweetheart.

The unnaturally high protein levels, which are usually derived from whey, are not ideal for children. Additionally, these ice creams contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol, stevia and erythritol – and nutritional experts are still not decided on whether these are 100% safe for our little ones. So, if your kiddo is craving a cool treat on a hot day, it’s better to stick with our good old regular ices!

Delight your kiddo with these fabulous and healthy homemade ice creams:



Food isn’t just about fulfilling our basic needs for nutrition and sustenance. For most of us, food has deeper associations with various aspects like childhood memories, family, safety, and comfort. By making food a pleasure for your child through shared and varied experiences, not only are you instilling good eating habits for life, but you are also shaping your child’s perceptions of food in a positive way.

From all of us at Kinderkind, your best-loved toddler clothes online boutique, we hope food always brings both physical and spiritual fulfilment to you and your family.

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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