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Moving Canvas

Kids Clothing for Boys and Girls

Hrid Biswas August 31, 2020

The summer of 2020 was one of a kind for us all, especially for the little ones. The feeling of staying at home on a bright and sunny weekend and not being able to go to the beach, the park, or the playground was a bit of a bummer. We have all been instructed to stay indoors as much as possible and being at home all the time is the opposite of a fun summer! Kids get bored at home doing nothing. It is important to keep them engaged to keep them mentally, physically, and emotionally balanced. Check out these links to some fun, engaging exercise routines for children!

Kinderkind Kids Apparel


Time for some movements!

In our last blogs, we discussed Art & Crafts and Outdoor Activities. In this blog, we want to talk about Creative Movements and how important it is for children. This blog will highlight the Creative Movements which children can indulge in while they are at home during this time. These expressive activities will allow kid’s mental, physical, emotional, and social development to thrive. Creative Movements will not just make kids happy, it will help children to develop body control, balance, and coordination, and will encourage your child to express themselves in many more ways. The best part is, through this, toddlers can gain a higher appreciation for music which itself is therapeutic in nature. This blog will give you some of the most engaging and expressive Creative Movement ideas for you to try with children, keeping in mind the current scenario.


Let your child Do-Re-Mi a little…

Kinderkind Kids apparel toddler


Singing: Music is a therapy in itself. It is one of the best ways of expression as the voice itself speaks the heart out. Singing will help kids to express their emotions with more depth. It helps to sharpen a child’s communication skills. Singing even acts as an exercise for the lips and the tongue and is even beneficial for the memory. It plays a dominant role in a child’s learning. Through what songs children like or what songs they make up in their minds, you can learn a lot about them. Not only can you learn about your child when they sing, but you can also teach them through it! Singing is a good way to help them memorize the alphabet, simple routines like washing their hands, or even instilling good values in them! So, let the little ones sing their hearts to their favorite tunes.

Check out some Kids' Songs Collection here - https://youtu.be/1n9Hdk-UvRM


Get Groovy!

kinder kind clothing for kids


Dancing: Dancing is something we all can connect to somewhere. Body movements are the strongest form of expression. There are various forms of dance all around the world. Let your child choose the one they want. Dancing will keep your child fit as it has a lot of health benefits. It will even help your child to develop their skill, knowledge, and understanding about the world better. Verbal language and movements are often intertwined. Children tend to move naturally. Dancing helps them express what they are unable to with words.

Watch one of our favorite dance videos for kids - https://youtu.be/cZeM18fPbvI


3… 2… 1… Action!

kinder and kids


Speech & Drama: This form of Creative Movement will make your child’s imagination fly high. Through drama, your child can be the character they want to be while speech will make them speak in the tone of the character they imitate. Speech & Drama plays a major role in developing a child’s social and communication skills. It builds confidence in children and makes their imaginative skill sore high. Speech & Drama builds empathy and helps in maturing too. Allow your child to be their favorite Marvel superhero or maybe just imitate their favorite person!


The Ultimate Practice!

Kinderkind clothing for children


Yoga: The current situation has not just stressed us out, they have stressed out the children as well. Experiencing such a situation at an early age can be traumatic, something which we will not be even able to understand since we never faced it when we were of their age. Yoga works as a stress buster. It will help your child to get relieved from the stress while the movements of the body will improve flexibility, posture, balance, strength, coordination, and motor skills. Yoga will help your child to know themselves and their instincts better. It will help them to honor and recognize emotions. Practicing yoga regularly will help in increasing your child’s energy and breathing power. It is important for all ages. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the yoga mattress along with your child and start!

View some easy Yoga moves for kids here - https://youtu.be/X655B4ISakg


Health is Wealth!

kids clothing online shopping


Aerobics: The best thing to keep your child fit when they are stuck at home is Aerobics. Aerobics helps in maintaining overall fitness. Children who exercise regularly are said to have better lung and heart fitness. They are not being able to go out and play or attend school and are mostly being kept indoors. No physical movement increases the risk of obesity which is associated with a chain of physical and mental problems. To stay away from this exercising daily is a mandate. Throwing, kicking, running, or swinging or any physical activity will help obesity away from your child. Exercising is important to adults as much as it is for children. Accompany your child and stay fit and lead a healthier life together.


Creative Movements are important as they help in a child’s development. It can also help you create a bond with your child as it gives you more opportunities to spend time with them. Enjoy your bundles of joy!


Sending love from Be Kind Blogs. Happy reading.

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