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Mother's Day - Inspiring Queen M Around the World

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Urna Biswas May 04, 2021

“Mothers possess a power beyond that of a king on his throne.” 
—Mabel Hale


What’s that one magic thing that can make our whole world better and bring warmth and sunshine to our day in an instant? It’s a hug from Mother!

With their words, actions, and unconditional love, moms have a profound influence on their children. There are many famous women who have been huge inspirations for others while seamlessly performing the role of a perfect mother. 

This Mother's Day, we at Kinderkind, your best-loved stylish clothes for toddler girls and boys, present some of our favorite Queen Ms from around the world – inspiring mothers who have carved a niche for themselves in their personal and professional lives!

Check out this fascinating article on how different cultures across the globe celebrate moms. We especially love the tradition in Japan, where, post-World War II, Mother’s Day grew popular as a way of comforting mothers who had lost sons to the war.






Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world today. But did you know that a mother named Ann Jarvis was the inspiration behind the movement that eventually led to Mother’s Day?

An activist and social worker, Mrs Jarvis strongly expressed the opinion that someday someone should honor all mothers, living and dead, and pay tribute to the tremendous contributions made by them. Mrs Jarvis Took an active role in organizing Mother's Day Work Clubs in West Virginia to provide medical care and improve sanitary conditions for underprivileged mothers.

After her death, Mrs Jarvis’s daughter Anna Jarvis continued the inspiring work of her mother, writing letters and giving speeches in support of Mother’s Day. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.

Find out more about the history and origins of Mother’s Day at:





Did you know that Chief Theresa Kachindamoto of Malawi has the unique distinction of being locally dubbed ‘The Terminator’?

60-year-old Kachindamoto is a tribal ruler in central Malawi, Southeast Africa. This mother of five boys has  dedicated her whole life to saving young girls from the curse of child marriage.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, where many parents marry off their daughters very young. Kachindamoto has been instrumental insetting up laws to break up around 850 child marriages. In addition, she creates awareness about the problems of early marriage and the importance of education for young girls and boys.

To know more about this empowered woman and her commendable work, check out this video:






The former First Lady of the United States has made no secret of the fact that her priority is her two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

Together with being a hands-on mother, Michelle Obama has two Ivy-League degrees from Princetonand Harvard. She heads an array of good causes that are close to her heart, including her ‘Let Girls Learn Initiative, which aims at helping adolescent girls get a quality education. She has also launched many organizations devoted to health and education such as the Global Girls Alliance in 2018.

"Never view your challenges as obstacles," she once told a graduating class at The City College of New York – a tenet she has always endeavored to live by herself.

Take a look at these seven education initiatives led by Michelle Obama:




Polish-French physicist Marie Curie is remembered as the pioneer in researching radioactivity, and is a shining example of inspiring moms in the field of science.

Madame Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, as well as the first person to win two Nobel Peace Prizes in her lifetime. But did you know that alongside pursuing her brilliant career, she also raised her two young daughters alone after her husband died in an accident in 1906?

Marie Curie’s elder daughter Irène went on to co-win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with her husband for their own work with radioactivity. With her exemplary dedication to science, ethics and her family, Marie Curie continues to inspire girls and women in science all over the world.

Check out these ten fascinating facts about Madame Curie:




Many of us have heard of the national organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). But few know that a mother was behind it – Candy Lightner from California.

In 1980, one of Candy’s 13-year-old twin daughters tragically fell victim to a drunk driver. The man had three prior convictions for drunk driving and had also been arrested just two days before for a different hit-and-run.

In the wake of her devastating loss, Candy founded Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Her objective was to raise awareness, push for tougher legislation to prosecute offenders, and help the victims of drunk driving. The laws passed as a result of pressure from MADD has since helped to save thousands of lives.

Read further about Candy Lightner and her exemplary work at:





Think boxing isn’t for women and even less so for mothers? Think again!

Mary Kom is a five-time World Amateur Boxing champion, a four-time gold medallist at the Asian Championships, and the first Indian woman boxer to win an Olympic medal. Inspiring indeed!

Hailing from a small tribe in Manipur, India, Mary had to fight society and its antagonism towards a woman who chose to do it differently. Even though she had to quit her studies early on, it did not stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Apart from being an exemplary sportswoman, Mary is also a doting mother who broke the stereotype that married women, especially mothers, cannot become successful athletes. In fact, after giving birth to a baby boy, Mary went on to become the first Indian boxer to win a gold at the 2014 Asian Games.

Watch this video to know more about this fascinating woman:



These women are just a few remarkable mothers from all over the world who have set excellent examples of motherhood, juggling careers and family life. They have shown that if we possess passion and the potential to make a mark on the lives of others, then we will definitely find ways to realize what we strive for.

We believe that along with caring for others, moms need to care for themselves too. Check out our previous blog on how to practice self-love as a mother at:


At Kinderkind, your favorite kids’ apparel store, we revere all mothers for their limitless strength, unwavering dedication, and unconditional love.

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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