KinderKind Creative Canvas

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Hrid Biswas August 10, 2020

A sudden new normal

The global pandemic, interrupting and slowing our day to day lives, has put our “normal” pre-COVID19 life at a standstill. Everything around us has changed and the sudden change has taken a toll physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally. It can often feel like we are stuck in this new world trying our best to navigate a new normal of working from home, online classes for kids, and virtually connecting with loved ones.  

Affecting the young ones

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Especially for our kind toddlers, their usual routine has been turned upside down. They are no longer able to play together, create stories, or share laughs with their friends in a normal way. It’s ‘Back to School’ month, but the usual anticipation and eagerness that accompanies are replaced with uncertainty. Now more than ever, it is very important to maintain mental, physical, and emotional balance at home by encouraging them to feel and self-express. 


Creativity to express 

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Creativity is a form of self-expression. It helps to foster and nurture the mental and physical development of children. Creativity can encourage a child to follow their dreams, reach for the stars, and keep their imaginations wide open. More importantly, creativity helps children’s social-emotional development helping them to grow despite the sudden changes. It can not only boost thinking skills but also make children more confident which improves communication skills. Activities like, dance, music, drama, painting, photography, doodling, art & craft are all great ways of self-expression for kids.


Kinderkind Creative Canvas 

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With the goal to inspire creativity at home, we are launching ‘KinderKind Creative Canvas’. This campaign aims to motivate and help children and parents to incorporate creative activities into their new normal. Our blogs will discuss a variety of creative ideas for children as they spend their time at home during the pandemic to help the mental, physical and emotional development of a child.

We look forward to co-creating a world that is kinder and even more creative with our kind community!