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Key Life Skills to Teach Kids This Year

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Urna Biswas January 29, 2021

Tackle life with all your skills, overcome each and every hill;
If you persist with all your will, you will enjoy your life and all its thrills!


Navigating through life can be like navigating a rocky river at times! On this volatile journey, the tools that will get one safely through are life skills.

At Kinderkind, your favorite modern kid apparel online store, we believe in catching kids young. So it’s a good idea to start teaching children these valuable life lessons right away. And the best way to do this is at home, through fun experiences and loving guidance.

Here’s a handy list of life skills that kids can start with right away!

Good habits go hand-in-hand with life skills, right? Check out these good habits a child should know:



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We know it’s tempting to simply dictate when children should do which activities and in what order! But what’s cooler is for the little ones to learn time management themselves.

Learning to manage time now will teach children how to keep to a schedule for schoolwork and other activities, from getting up in the morning to submitting a school project on time. And remember – these skills will benefit them later in life too, be it in college or at work!

You can try out a simple schedule for your kid to follow, with pictures and funny drawings to make it interesting. And get ready to be wowed by their punctuality very soon!

Want to teach your little darling to tell time? Make it a breeze with this wonderful video:


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It’s evident that today, education and technology go hand in hand. With the pandemic, technology has become an even more essential part of education, hasn’t it? So it’s a good idea to start teaching kids some basic tech skills right away!

Children can start off using technology with the types of gadgets they see their parents using every day, such as a smartphone, iPad, or laptop. They can easily learn to navigate a smartphone or iPad, launch applications, and negotiate menus. Tech skills will be a big help to them in academics, such as doing online classes or researching for a project. Before long, you might even find your kiddo giving YOU tech tips on the latest apps!

Check out what Techiemamma’s got to say about the top 5 tech skills kids should know:




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We all want our kids to be able to take care of themselves as they grow up and lead a healthy life, isn’t that right? Learning about health and hygiene is a great life skill for children.

Have regular talks with your little one and discuss the importance of good health. It’s a good idea to show them picture charts and videos about healthy habits. Try out a healthy habits chart where they can check off each task as they complete it. Gradually, they’ll be following these habits on their own, without having to badger them all the time!

Kids will adore this super fun song about healthy habits for children!

kids print gorilla tracksuit jacket



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We love to look out for our little darlings, don’t we? While that’s a wonderful thing, teaching our children how to take care of themselves is also a great idea.

Knowing basic self-defence skills can give kids a huge boost of security when they finally step out into the big, bad world, especially after spending a long, sheltered time at home due to the pandemic. Use this time to impart some cool self-defence tips and tricks to your little one, and watch their confidence grow!

This article has some great ideas on how to start off teaching self-defence to kids:



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Food! It’s a vital part of our lives. Learning to prepare food and being able to feed oneself is a top life skill that kiddos should know for sure!

It’s a good idea to start off by involving the child in simple meal prep, like putting cheese slices on bread, or pouring cereal and milk. As they grow older, they can make sandwiches and smoothies. Let them have fun with weird and wacky combinations – they’ll love it!

As children grow older, they can move on to more skilled tasks –planning their own meals, bagging lunches, and cooking a simple meal. ​Who knows – you may be surprised to find you have a Junior MasterChef on your hands!

Get kids into the mood for good food with this cool song from Jack Hartmann!


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We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s never too soon to start teaching children these vital skills as they grow into strong, capable and happy individuals. At Kinderkind, your go-to online store for the best kids’ fashion clothes, we know that parents always want to equip their little ones for life as best as they can. So keep guiding and cheering them on – and keep practising what you preach!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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