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Fun Games for Families to Play During the Holidays

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Urna Biswas December 11, 2020

The family that plays together, stays together.

Well, this is what the experts say, and who are we to argue! With parents being busy with work and home chores, and kids occupied with online classes and activities, families hardly have time to be together. As one of the leading children clothing online stores, we at Kinderkind understand how precious family is to you, and this is our own way of helping you grow even closer to your loved ones.

It’s a proven fact that families who make time to have fun together are happier, closer, and mentally healthier. So here we are with a whole lot of fabulous game ideas to make your holiday family times a barrelful of fun!

Check out this fascinating variety of kids’ games from around the world.


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This is a super fun Christmas tree-themed game that will have your family in splits of laughter!

You’ll need green crepe paper, some tree ornaments with hooks or adhesive tape, colourful streamers and tinsel, and a timer. Split up into teams. Each team gets a set of the decorating supplies. Set the timer for two minutes. When the clock starts, the teams will race to wrap one of their members in the green crepe paper, who becomes the tree. Now the teams have until the buzzer goes off to decorate their trees. Teams vote on who has the best or most creative tree once the time is up!

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Write down the names of various Christmas carols on some cards, and have everyone divvy up into teams. Taking turns, one member from each team draws a card and has one minute to illustrate the Christmas carol. If their team guesses correctly, they win the point. Keep playing till all the cards are done – the team with the most points wins!

Check out this link to know a little more about some of the best-loved Christmas carols of all time:


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Who doesn’t love to play Heads Up – the fun game where a name is taped to a person’s forehead and they have to ask the other participants questions to figure out who they are. This is the holiday-themed edition! In a bowl, put names of famous seasonal characters—like the Grinch, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the Sugarplum Fairy, Mrs Claus, Frosty the Snowman, or Ebenezer Scrooge. Each participant draws a name, tapes it to their forehead, and asks other guests questions to figure out who they are. Whoever guesses right first wins!

Here’s a glimpse into the history of some well-loved holiday characters:


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The holiday season is inevitably a season of nonstop feasting. Burn off some of the holiday weight with an energetic game of Santa Limbo with your friends and family! As with regular limbo, participants bend backwards and walk under a stick that gets lower every round. But in Santa Limbo, participants have to tie a pillow under their shirts like a Santa belly! The person who can limbo the lowest without falling or hitting the pole wins.

Here’s a playlist of songs you can limbo too!


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This is one of our favorite holiday games, and we guarantee you will love it too! Telestrations is basically a combination of Pictionary and Telephone, which is a game where one person whispers in another person’s ear, and the sentence is passed through the group to see how badly it’s messed up by the end.

In Telestrations, one person writes a phrase, and the person after them draws a picture of that phrase. The next participant writes a phrase based on what they think the picture is about and the next person draws that phrase. This continues with through the group till the last member is reached. This game is funnier the more people you have playing, so it’s perfect if you have a large gathering! Check out a quick preview of how to play the game at:


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The holidays are a time of joy, family and love – and games are a wonderful way to bring your loved ones together. Play, giggle, romp, tease –and don’t forget to pamper your little ones with our latest kids wear for girls and boys from your favorite trendy children’s clothing online store Kinderkind! Have a lively and spirited holiday season!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.


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