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Fun Filled Fall - Fun Autumn Activities for Kids

Kids Clothing for Boys and Girls

Urna Biswas October 13, 2020

“The leaves are falling one by one. The sunny days will soon be gone.

Yellow, Orange, Brown, and Green, the colors of Autumn can soon be seen.

The wind, the rain, the sunshine through, it’s colder now for me and you.”

What is food and fashion without some fun? What is Autumn without some pumpkin volcanos and leafy mess? Food, fashion, and fun, you get it all this season. It is that time of the year when you can go out and have all the fun in the world soaking in the beauty of nature. Finally! Autumn is here. So get ready and dress your kids  in their coolest denim jacket or hoodies and go out and have some fun.


 It’s a fun time

In our previous blog, we talked about you some of the yummiest recipes and coolest fashion suggestions. It is time to hop on to the fabulous fall express which takes you to fall-fun-land! Let's explore some of the most amazing and fun activities for your kiddies to do this season. We are sure your munchkins are going to love these and so will you!  


Believe in the Leaf

Kinderkind Kids Apparel


Leafy Craft: Every autumn leaves are a bliss. Autumn leaves don’t die even after they fall. They give life to something new. That is exactly what this leafy craft is all about. Go outside with your cuties and gather the fallen autumn leaves and make something new from them. Let the autumn leaves live in your little one’s craft book in the form of some animal or maybe the tree itself! It is creative and fun at the same time. Your goofballs’ tiny muscles and fingers too will strengthen while they are out leaf hunting. Who would have guessed how simple things bring so much joy. So, get going! 

Learn some cool leafy crafts, click here.


Let’s Carve out some fun

Kinderkind Kids apparel toddler


Pumpkin Volcano: Anything pumpkin is always fun. Be it to eat or to carve out something. Pumpkin smells typical of autumn and Halloween. Pumpkin Volcano is a traditional autumn game in some families. It is played mostly during the time of Halloween. Ahh!! Halloween finally has a sport. So, let your pumpkins do their creative carving and create a mini volcanic explosion in your backyard . All you need is a pumpkin and some basic kitchen stuff. Learn how to make one. Click here. Your little pumpkins are going to jump with joy when they see their own made pumpkins erupt. No better way to learn science than this, right?


Fiery Fun 

kinder kind clothing for kids


Host a Bonfire: A fun bonfire story is pretty much the highlight of every fall . It is not just exciting for adults; kids love them! Bonfires are the essence of autumn, curling up close to the fire on a chilly evening and munching on some smoky marshmallows. Make your toddler wear their favorite bomber jacket or hooded jacket to make sure that they don’t get a runny nose after they have had a fun-filled night. Teach them how to build a fire but of course teach them how to do it safely. It's a great way to connect with nature and bond with your loved ones. The simplest of things make the warmest memories.


Know the Nature

kinder and kids


Go on a Nature Hike: Nature Hikes are always refreshing. It’s more fun if you have your little ones with you. Exploring nature is a great activity to do with the family and who knows what you’ll stumble upon. Adventures always have their surprises. Don’t they? Autumn without some hiking is incomplete. Take your kids, go out, and explore into the unknown. The falling leaves, the chilly yet calming wind, fall has so much in store. See the leaves fall, catch them, play games, and simply have some fun. That’s what autumn is for. So, what are you waiting for? Dress your kiddie in their most comfortable pair of denim joggers and get going! Hikes will help your kids value nature more, making them kind, caring and empathetic towards the world around them. Don't forget to carry a bottle of water and a snack for the road. 


Nothing better than a picnic

Kinderkind clothing for children


Go on a Picnic: Picnics, regardless of time or place are fun. Autumn picnics are even more so because of the awesome weather and of course the fallen leaves which adds to the all over comfy environment that it has to offer. Kids tend to have the most fun at picnics. The outdoor games, the food, everything is so exciting about picnics. Picnics help families bond. Spending quality time together does wonders for a child’s mental health. Pack some food, take their favorite games, hop onto the car, and drive away to somewhere safe as well as a place where your kids can run around and play their favorite games. Oh yes! Make sure your toddlers are in the right apparel! Maybe a tracksuit set and a zip-up hoodie.

We at Kinderkind believe in building relationships stronger. Apart from the celebrations which autumn brings along with itself, it is the best time to spend with family and friends. We are sure these activities and some shopping for the latest fall styles collection will bring a smile to your children’s faces and bring the family closer. 

Sending love from Be Kind Blogs. Happy reading.

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