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Coping With Challenges in Learning Under the New Normal

Modern Kid Apparel Store Online

Urna Biswas January 22, 2021

We’re currently going through trying times, aren’t we? The whole world is striving to deal with the overwhelming changes that have swept and unsettled our lives since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. So, it is hardly surprising that our children will struggle to try to make sense of all that is going on around them, upending their world and their lives. Especially hard for them is the sudden closing of schools, ceasing of after-school activities, and the isolation from their friends.

It’s important to address the upheavals that our little ones are going through when it comes to coping with challenges in learning under the new normal. At Kinderkind, your favorite modern kid apparel store online, we know that as parents, the mental and emotional wellbeing of your child is paramount for you. To help you work through these difficult times, we have some valuable suggestions that are sure to make things a little easier for you and your kiddo when it comes to learning.

Check out this article for some great tips on how to support your child in coping with Covid-19 and its fallout:


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Schools being closed is a real bummer for your kid, we know. But not to worry – here are some fabulous virtual learning platforms and resources that will make learning a breeze!

Bumobrain is a specialized virtual preschool that launched in the middle of the pandemic. They offer a variety of online classes and activities that you can customize and schedule per your child’s requirements and convenience. Check them out at https://bumobrain.com/

Beanstalk is an interactive educational children's content platform. From music to art, storytime, STEM, bubble blowing and more - there is a cool variety of activities for kiddos that are educative, interactive and fun. Find out more at https://beanstalk.co/

Outschool is a virtual learning platform that offers live small group classes to children, connecting learners, parents and teachers to create interest-based, small-group learning experiences online. Read about them at https://outschool.com/

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Routines and schedules are a great way to help your little one adjust to the changes taking place around them. They provide a sense of predictability and comfort at a time when children are uncertain of what comes next. Maintaining a schedule will also help children transition back to school more easily when the time comes.

To make a routine, outline the core things your kiddo does through the day. It helps to keep your schedules similar to their regular school routine as much as possible. If they typically have math, reading, then lunch at school, try keeping to that at home too. For very young kids, try making visual schedules with pictures; for example, online classes can be represented by the picture of a laptop or art time by pictures of crayons.

Take a look at this blog for useful suggestions on creating a routine for your child:


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Guess who’s the major source of info for your child right now? That’s right – it’s you! So, it’s vital that you keep talking and communicating with them. Have a chat with them while creating routines, or setting up academic or leisure activities. You’ll be surprised at how agreeable they are to follow schedules they’ve helped to set up! Ask for their feedback about what’s working and what’s not. Encourage them to talk about anything they’re anxious about or struggling with, like managing online classes, missing friends, or simply about the pandemic. Remember, you may not have all the answers – but just having a chat about things will be a huge stressbuster for your kiddo. And a kid who’s less stressed is a kid who learns best.

Need tips on how to talk to your child about the Covid situation? Find them here:


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Your child’s teacher is as important a figure as you are in your little one’s learning process. So, it’s always helpful to keep in touch with them and the school to stay informed, ask questions and get more guidance.  Parent groups or community groups are also an effective way to support each other with the challenges of homeschooling. Make sure you reach out to the teacher if you and your child are struggling with required work or don’t have access to the resources you need to complete assigned tasks.

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These are difficult circumstances for everyone. So, the best thing you and your little one can do is not put too much pressure on yourselves, but remain flexible when it comes to academics. Set realistic goals, but allow yourselves to relinquish them if needed. It’s okay to miss an online class or a scheduled study session if you see your kid is struggling. Take a break to just chill together, and come back to the task refreshed. There are going to be good, bad and ugly days. Celebrate the good days and allow yourself to tweak your child’s schedule when needed.

Take a look at this list of cool suggestions for academic and non-academic activities that your child will enjoy:



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It’s easy to get bogged down by all the gloom and doom of the current scenario, but remember, your little one is like a sponge – they will soak up whatever atmosphere and mood you project! And a negative attitude will invariably have an impact on their studies. So, make sure to keep things positive. Along with schoolwork, build time for fun activities into their daily routine – things they enjoy, like baking cookies, finger painting, or watching a favorite movie. Dance, sing, and laugh a lot! And see how favorably this happy, relaxed attitude reflects on their learning.

Check out this cool list of feel-good family movies that are sure to have you all beaming in no time!



We know that as parents, you are struggling to balance work, child care and self-care while keeping anxiety — both your children’s and your own — under control. From all of us at Kinderkind, a leading boys and girls apparel online boutique, we want to raise a big cheer to each and every one of you for doing such an amazing job every single day. As the vaccination drive gets underway, hopefully, we can look forward to the end of this long, hard journey sometime soon in the future. Till then, hug your child tight and tell yourself that you’re both doing the very best that you possibly can.

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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