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Hrid Biswas August 07, 2020

Let’s be kinder with Kinderkind!

 Kinderkind’s Kind Mission: 

Kindness is at the root of Kinderkind Kids and we believe that kindness creates happiness. We strongly believe that choosing to be kind is an important value. Through ‘One of a kind fashion’, we want to connect with those who strive creatively to be kind. Kinderkind inspires the discussion around kindness and shares it as a value through kind children’s attire, using the best quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Some Exciting News!! 

So to further inspire kindness we are excited to launch our official blog!! The blog will be a discussion on creative and thoughtful ideas and content that will inspire all of our brand fans and their little bundles of joy to #BeKind. We are so excited to be able to use this platform to connect deeply with you and start thoughtful conversations around kindness and other important values. 

Our Conversations 

The blog topics will be about values as well as creative kind and thoughtful ways to share values. We think the world can currently use a lot more kindness and we want to promote and radiate authentic positivity for our community through topics that inspire parents and our precious tots! 

Let’s Share Kindness Together! 

We cannot wait to bloom kindness and creativity together. Our decision to launch the blog is our way of giving back to our community the kindness and love we receive from you! It is important to us to keep sharing kindness regularly especially through our active, silly, generous, and bright bunch who light up lives.

We sincerely hope that our initiative inspires you to be kind, creative, and positive in life.

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