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5 Amazing Extracurricular Activities for Kids

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Urna Biswas March 26, 2021

Albert Einstein once said: “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Our superstar parents know that not everything can be taught in a classroom, right? At Kinderkind, your favorite trendy children's clothing brand
, we believe that extracurricular activities provide that extra touch which is vital to round off a child’s intellectual and social development.

Here are 5 amazing extracurricular activities for your little one that are guaranteed to grab their attention and fill them with glee!

Check out what Creative Child has to say about the unique benefits of extracurricular activities:







Comics are universally loved by kids the world over, due to their appealing visual imagery and free rein for imagination. How about helping your little sweetheart create a comic strip of their very own?

You don’t need any special supplies to make comics – a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser will do. Start them off with the simplest sequential comic format – just three square panels in a strip. Have them write down their comic strip idea in a few simple sentences first. Then they can draw the three panels with the beginning, middle and end of their story. Voila – their very own comic strip! Once they get the hang of it, they can start adding details like color, text or speech bubbles too.

This supercool video teaches you how to create your own comic strip in no time!






Want to teach your kiddo a skill that will benefit them their whole lives? Have them learn a new language!

It’s never too early to begin learning a language – your child will enjoy the novelty, plus it has loads of cognitive and social benefits. Learning a second language enhances creative and academic skills, and improves memory and concentration too!

Create an encouraging and active learning environment for your little linguist. Provide opportunities for authentic experiences, like showing them foreign language films and TV programs, and check out the many awesome tools and resources available online.

Take a look at these helpful suggestions from Emma on helping your child learn a new language:





“Why is the sky blue?” “What keeps the Sun from falling down to Earth?”

Kids are always curious by nature! They want to know how the world works. So developing an interest in astronomy is perfect for them to question and appreciate the unknown elements in outer space.

Start off with something fun to hook your child’s interest, like a late-night stargazing session – they’ll adore the thrill of staying up past their bedtime for a nocturnal space adventure! Intrigue them with space-themed books, games and shows. NASA and National Geographic have some fantastic video games, space documentaries and shows that will delight our little ones.

A fascinating way to make the sky more engaging for your child is to use a space-themed app. Check out Star Walk Kids, Stellarium or Sky Safari.

Your budding astronomer will adore these cool kiddie videos from NASA: https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/menu/videos/




We know how deeply technology is ingrained in several aspects of our lives. So it’s inevitable that our little ones will be exposed to computers from a young age. Give them an early advantage by starting them off on computer literacy right away!

Kids love messing around with gadgets, and can benefit immensely from early training in essential computer skills. These allow them to safely and effectively operate computer devices, and provide a foundation from which to become proficient in the future. Basic skills include operating a mouse and touchpad, using a keyboard, sending and receiving emails, and safe and smart internet use.

Coding is fast gaining popularity among our youngsters these days. Kids who learn to code when they’re young can set themselves up for a lifetime of opportunities for success. They’ll be super kicked to learn cool and innovative things like how to design their own website or app, start their blog, or build a computer programme!

Wondering if your child is ready for coding? Find out here:





Family newsletters are a great way for us to keep tabs on our near and dear ones. How about getting your kiddo to start writing a family newsletter of their own? It’s superb for developing writing skills, organizational skills, and creativity in our little ones.

Start off with simple newsletters written and drawn on plain notepaper. Help them make a list of features like general news, family announcements, drawings, book or movie reviews, etc. Older kids can go super creative and make up their own crosswords and quizzes, too!

As they get more experienced, you can start teaching them to use a simple word processor and print out copies to be circulated among relatives and friends. Watch their confidence grow as their creativity and imagination are appreciated by all!

Melissa shares some excellent tips in her article on how to write a family newsletter. Find them at: https://imaginationsoup.net/write-family-newsletter/


The wonderful thing about hobbies and extracurricular activities is that they provide a suitable outlet to spike children’s interests and creativity. Additionally, they keep kiddos from being glued to their gadgets all day! And at Kinderkind, as we bring you the best kids’ fashion clothes, we know that time spent away from screens is time well spent.

So enrol your little champs in these cool activities pronto, and watch them grow into confident, intelligent, and self-reliant youngsters of tomorrow!

Sending love from Be Kind blogs. Happy reading.

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