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10 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Earth Day From Home!

10 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Earth Day From Home!

Jhocely Zambrano April 22, 2022

Today, environmental sustainability is a critical aspect of saving our ailing planet, which is one of the primary reasons why we celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April every year. While you can attend conferences and tree plantation drives there are little changes you can do at home, to pledge your allegiance to Mother Nature!

We, at Kinderkind, your most trusted trendy kids' clothing brand, have curated the top ten homely earth day celebrations to plan with your kids to instill a love for the environment, from a ripe young age!

1.  Start Gardening

Planting trees is perhaps the best way to celebrate earth day as you can contribute to multiplying the greenery around. If you have enough outdoor space, plant seedlings of flower, fruit, or vegetable-bearing plants to start your very own garden or kitchen backyard. This is also a great activity if you want to get your kids involved in the Earth Day celebrations!

Even if you stay in an apartment, you can have a small garden out on the balcony with hanging pots or potted shrubs. Plants can improve your mood, help reduce air pollution and rejuvenate the soil. You can use advanced self-watering pots, sensor-based smart garden systems, or drip irrigation piping to reduce your time and maintenance efforts.

Check out some tips to garden with children here:  https://learn.eartheasy.com/guides/gardening-with-children/

2.  Recycle!

Reduce, reuse and recycle is a must-follow mantra on Earth Day. Start clearing out things you have no use for anymore from the garage, attic, and basement if you are wondering how to celebrate earth day productively.

While sorting out the things, recycle or reuse the old bottles, boxes, or crates. If you have metal waste, tons of papers, and plastics, collect them and send them to a recycling facility instead of throwing them away. 

Explore what other things you can recycle in your home:


3.  You can try some DIY projects

DIY projects can help you upcycle so-called waste items into something creative. Thus, this time celebrate earth day by trying out any DIY project. Your kids and you can make wooden furniture like tables and shelves, vases, or decorative items from paper mache, crochet dolls from old clothes, or wind catchers from jewelry. This will also help you reduce waste generation.

Try out these quirky projects to enhance the creativity of your children:


4.  Switch to biodegradable products

We can't always reuse and recycle everything, which makes waste generation an inevitable part of our routine. Though we can't eliminate waste completely, we can certainly make them biodegradable, so that they do not contaminate our natural resources.

As a part of your homely earth day celebrations, try replacing plastic bottles, polyethylene bags, thermocol products, and synthetic fabric with eco-friendly alternatives like paper or cloth. You can also consider segregating dry, wet, and electronic wastes and discarding them separately for safe disposal.

Learn more about biodegradable materials here:


5.  Install and use eco-friendly appliances

Several electric appliances require a lot of power supply and even contribute to e-waste in landfills when discarded. To highlight the importance of earth day at home, you can vow to use eco-friendly appliances only.

 Start making small changes like opting for solar-based appliances, green cleaning products, low heat emitting appliances, and refrigerators with no CFCs. Even if you can't change the existing ones, you can install noise stabilizers, air filters, or dust collectors to reduce the emissions.

 Check out how to recognize the best eco-friendly appliances:


6.  Save water and electricity

In the current scenario, the world urgently needs sustainable development to conserve dwindling resources like water and fossil fuels. One of the best ways to celebrate earth day at home is to reduce the unnecessary consumption of water and electricity.

 You can install proximity sensors for lights and fans, temperature sensors for motors, heaters, and air coolers, and choose appliances with auto timers. Try to set up a rainwater harvesting system and repair any leaking pipes or bathroom fixtures. Simply being conscious and turning off the lights when you leave the room, can also go a long way!

 Check out more conservation tips to implement today, here:


7.  Prepare organic manure for your garden

If you plan to start gardening or have a garden or backyard already, you can nurture it better with organic manure, instead of opting for chemical fertilizers. It can help replenish soil nutrients, enrich the soil, and help the plants reap healthier fruits.

On this earth day at home, you can prepare your own manure using vegetable peels, eggshells, non-edible seeds, and food waste. Make a compost pit in your garden and collect wet waste for composting them.

Check out this recipe for the best organic manure:


8.  Choose a more plant-based diet

Another way to celebrate earth day is to consider switching to a plant-based or vegan diet. If this is not possible for you, you can consider reducing your meat consumption. 

Reducing meat consumption can help reduce the harmful emissions emitted during meat production and transportation. It can also help reduce the cruel, forceful treatment of animals in the dairy industry and reduce greenhouse gasses produced during food processing.

Try out these lip-smacking vegan recipes, that even your little picky eaters might enjoy:


9.  Keep birdbaths around your house and balconies

Homely earth day celebrations can certainly include your pets and other fauna around you! What else could be more joyful than adopting animals and nurturing them?

You can set up birdbaths with cold water, spread some grains, or set up birdhouses in the nearby trees and your balconies. Try adopting a stray dog or cat to shower them with love, or choose an ethical breeder. You can also feed the stray animals in your neighborhood. A kind gesture goes a long way!

Here’s how you can make your own birdbath:


10.  Clear away the junk around your house

Waste that’s been accumulating around our house doesn't only degrade aesthetics; but also damages the environment. Damp and decaying waste can attract insects and rodents and it can turn into an unhealthy infestation.

It can increase disease-causing bacteria, foul odors, and reduce soil quality. If you are still wondering how to celebrate earth day at home, you can consider cleaning all the waste around your house and lawn. You can easily book waste collectors or commercial cleaning services, who can clean and clear the entire area. Doing so will also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Check out this guide to clear away your junk in a jiffy!


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