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10 fun family date night ideas

10 fun family date night ideas

Urna Biswas February 08, 2022

“If you want to bring happiness to the world, go home and love your family.”
       -   Mother Teresa


Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, and what better way to do that than with your family? It’s the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

There are many ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your family. You can make them feel cherished by giving them cards, making their favorite dishes, or doing an activity together like playing games or watching movies.

From Kinderkind, your favorite trendy children’s clothing brand, here’s a list of 10 super fun Valentine's Day activities for your family that will help you celebrate this special day together.



Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to teach your little sugarplum about love for those special people in their life — family, friends, classmates, etc. Reading books about love, friendship and affection is an excellent way to do that.

Head to your library or local bookstore and ask for some cool V-day recommendations for kids. Get cozy with your kiddo, grab some steaming cups of chocolate, and read these special tales of love together. You can even come up with craft projects around especially well-loved books!

Start off with this great list of V-day books for children:




This is one of our favorite Valentine’s Day activities. Take a look at what’s inside your family’s heart by making some lovely heart maps together.

Create heart templates on white paper and hand them around to everyone in the family. Now let each person write and sketch about treasured times, precious moments, and wonderful memories they have of their family members. After everyone is done, you can take turns reading out your heart maps and bonding over those heart-warming family times!

Find out more about how to create a heart map here:




This Valentine’s Day, take your festivities to the next level by cooking up some special V-day treats with the whole family!

Go for a special love-themed brekkie with heart-shaped pancakes or strawberry oatmeal bars. Or unleash your inner master bakers with some yummy bakes – think peanut butter heart cookies and red velvet cupcakes. Your little helpers will adore stirring, mixing and frosting – and of course, gobbling the scrumptious goodies once you’re done!

Here are some great recipes your little chef can whip up in no time:




Looking for a super engaging activity for the day of love and hearts? Voila, your “hunt” is over – just plan a scavenger hunt!

Scavenger hunts are always a firm favorite with everyone. It’s such a fun way to bring the whole family together for a fast-paced, exciting activity.

Make this day of love all the more entertaining by surprising your kiddos with a supercool Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt complete with clues, riddles, and best of all, an exciting prize at the end! Although you moms know that the real prize is getting to spend time together as a family, right?

Here are some cool V-day scavenger hunt ideas to start you off:




Love to click family pics? You don’t need a professional to take fancy photos of your family for Valentine’s Day. Just put your heads together, get everyone to dress up with their red or pink best, and have the most fun V-day family photo shoot!

Put up a festive backdrop in red, pink or hearts. You can use sheets, blankets or curtains. Scatter around some fun props, such as a chalkboard with love messages, balloons, roses or streamers. Help your kids to design some cute lovey-dovey signs to hold up. Dress your little one up in a cool ruffle top or bomber jacket from our latest Kinderkind collection, strike a pose and get clicking!

Check out these great ideas for V-day family photoshoots:




Making crafts is always a popular activity for children. This Valentine’s Day, give in to your creative side as a family and get down to making some fun V-day cards together!

Set out pink and red craft paper, glitter, markers, stickers and whatever else your kids want, and design away to your heart’s content. A great way to teach your kids about sharing love is to design cards for less fortunate people around. Take your cards to the local charity, or distribute them to elderly neighbors living alone. Their delighted smiles will be the best gift for you this V-day.

Your family will love these fun and easy Valentine card ideas:




We know that Valentine’s Day is usually all about roses, candy and cute gifts. This year, how about getting your heart pumping with a round of rousing games with your family?

Young or old, we’re sure everyone will be up for these delightful love-themed games. Put a Valentine’s Day twist on old favorites like Pin the Heart on Cupid or Musical Hearts, or come up with your own fun games to play.  And for prizes, it’s got to be heart-shaped candy, of course!

We love these cool V-day game ideas and you will too!



Who doesn’t love a good dance party? Everyone, right? And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for the whole family to put on their dancing shoes and find your special rhythm together!

Set up a playlist with all the family favorites. You can play classic dance games like musical chairs and freeze dance, or have just a free-for-all dance party. Or take this opportunity to teach your little ones some moves! Pull up a couple of YouTube videos and teach them your favorite classic dance styles, like slow dancing, the two-step, and the waltz.

Here’s a cool V-day playlist to get the party started:




Valentine’s Day is all about getting into that lovey-dovey mood, isn’t it? And what better way to get the mood right than having a good old V-day movie marathon!

Count down to the day by having everyone vote for their top favorite Valentine’s Day flick. You can't go wrong with the old-school favs like Princess Bride or Lady and the Tramp. Or be adventurous and go for the latest popular V-day releases. Pull the drapes, grab some candy, and snuggle down together for a delightful night of family movie fun!

These are some of our best-loved Valentine’s Day movies:




We admit it – Valentine's Day and chocolate are a match made in heaven. So how about a family cooking spree where you whip up some chocolatey goodness together?

Cooking is a wonderful way to bond with your little one and reconnect as a family. Turn off the gadgets, turn on some background melodies, and go for all things chocolate! Think melting hot chocolate, nibbly choco chip cookies, velvety chocolate icing on cupcakes, voluptuous chocolate-covered strawberries… the list is endless. Are you drooling? Because we sure are!

Check out these delectable chocolate treat recipes that are a breeze to make:



Whatever the occasion, spending time with your family is all about sharing, giving and feeling love. And Valentine’s Day is the best time to do that, isn’t it? So give these ideas a try, and don’t forget to check out our previous Kinderkind blog for more cool V-day kiddie activities:


This V-Day, we at Kinderkind, your go-to for kids’ clothing online shopping, hope you have a day filled with laughter, joy and love, and add to that ever-expanding bank of precious memories with your family!

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